Step Into the Light: The Digital Age

In Research, Qualitative methods are intended to bring depth to the case that you study.

Through this method you get to understand the heart of a story. You have the ability to drill down to the core reasons that influence a person or group's decisions and actions. 

With Entrepreneurship being one of the solutions to address Guyana's 40% youth unemployment rate, PDC has once again embarked on our Entrepreneurial Researches, where we gather time series data, and conduct In-depth Interviews with Entrepreneurs across the country.

Using R to Access and Analyze World Bank Data by Duane Edwards

One benefit of using R over many statistical software is its ability to access the World Bank database by means of the API and to analyse the data therein without the need to download the data onto your local computer.

To carry out this analysis in R, however, it is necessary to have the requisite package installed. The package used in R is the WDI package. After installing this package, we must explicitly call this package using the library function.

> library(WDI)