Vikash Bhawani: Daniel B

Vikash Bhawani is the Insta-famous Daniel B.

Vikash Bhawani a.k.a. Daniel B., is an artist who specializes in Digital Sculptures with a penchant for making fan art.Most of Daniel’s art is inspired by characters out of Animation studios and movie studios. The most famous of these is the Cowboy Woody of whom he made digital renderings as well as a physical action figure. The Chief Creative Officer of Pixar studios John Lasseter requested that Daniel send him the Woody 3D-sculpture. The Writer and Director of “Child’s Play” has recognized Daniel’s digital sculpture of the infamous homicidal doll Chucky from the movie. Daniel’s work has also garnered attention from members of the original cast of The Power Rangers, Blink182 and professional skater David Gonzalez. Daniel has been featured in a US Embassy Magazine, had his art featured on the website for Revive Skateboards and has won numerous contests and awards for his art locally and internationally including one from Castellani house. Daniel leverages his 4000 strong Instagram followers to get his art in front of the relevant celebrity through their own fanbase. His advice to young Guyanese Artists is to never be afraid to push your art on social media and look for opportunities such as contests to get your art reviewed.  Daniel’s secret is that he follows the characters on social media to get the alerts about contests and promotion, a strategy that has clearly proven to be successful. His online gallery can be viewed at as well as on his Instagram account.

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Written by: Dawn Bumbury