Step Into the Light: The Digital Age

In Research, Qualitative methods are intended to bring depth to the case that you study.

Through this method you get to understand the heart of a story. You have the ability to drill down to the core reasons that influence a person or group's decisions and actions. 

With Entrepreneurship being one of the solutions to address Guyana's 40% youth unemployment rate, PDC has once again embarked on our Entrepreneurial Researches, where we gather time series data, and conduct In-depth Interviews with Entrepreneurs across the country.

From this Initiative, "Step Into The Light" was formed. Its important to showcase and highlight Entrepreneurs who are building doors and breaking ceilings despite the challenges we face in Guyana. See our Research Publication in 2016 Here.

In the first phase of we focused on the digital era, and by extension,  young entrepreneurs who are currently leveraging digital platforms to make waves. In our Sit down In- depth Interviews, we decided to highlight six of the impressive ones.

The Succesor Eldon Marks- The V75 founder, who creates applications for award winning International Clients and has the calling to promote the talents of other Guyanese entrepreneurs on a global scale.

The DrEntrepreneur Faith Forde- The young lady who challenged the restrictions of online shopping in Guyana. Imagine you can get the same experience of getting your items within two days and the best part is you don't even need a credit card.

The Social Impact Maverick Haopei Yang- The Founder of Skilled Guyanese, Yes we found the Guy that built a platform where over 8000 job applications were processed. Yes, again, over 8000.  

The Content Mastermind Satiesh Sheriff- The Guy who has landed clients across the Globe, and literally writes from his hammock. Satiesh is so good, that he brought a whole new meaning to the word competition on the site Upwork when it came to transcription and content creation services.

The Composer Carlwyn Collins- Can you Imagine getting a book deal over the Internet? Well this 24 year old athlete, musician and writer has changed the game when it comes to attracting clients and showcasing his work on platforms such as Upwork and O-Desk.

The Digitial Artist Vikash Bhawani aka Daniel B- When the Head Animator of Pixar, personally contacts you for your Artwork... You definitely have to be doing something right! 

These folks all use digital platforms and ecommerce techniques to monetize their talents and passions. 

We believe others can as well-- you just need the right Information.

At the end of the day thats what Research is Getting the Right Information to Make the Right Decisions.

Research Tip:

MasterClass on February 4th 2017 is hosting an entire Summit on Digital Wealth Creation. This is going to offer a plethora of information on how you can make money in the digital age. Click Here to Sign Up. Its Free!!

SideNote: If you missed it--- No problem, contact them today! They might actually have the recordings. 

Step Into Light Intiative was brought to you In Partnership with Khiron Consulting a recruitment solutions agency.