Satiesh Sheriff: Content+

Satiesh Sheriff is  writingfor the World from his hammock.

In the last few years, Guyanese have joined the social media bandwagon in a big way with nearly every business having a social media presence. They just haven’t become hip to copywriting as yet. That’s why Satiesh uses his blog as a campaign to educate the public about copywriting and content creation. During the three years of freelancing he worked for clients in Canada, the US, Dubai, Germany, Malaysia and the UK with payments being facilitated by bank transfers from Satiesh is now ready to dive into creating content for the local market with his new venture Content+. A bigger challenge but an achievable feat for a small team that managed to build a transcription business that rivaled the biggest competitors on Upwork in just three months. His advice to would be internet entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to put yourself out there, go the extra mile to represent your work well and to connect with prospective clients. Humility is a national attribute of Guyanese but in being too modesty we are underestimating our ability to do high quality work for a global market. Looking at it from a purely logical perspective, Satiesh is right. Guyana has a highly educated workforce full of natural English Speakers who typically communicate very well. What seems rather mundane to us is superior to the offerings from such places as Bangladesh. Satiesh is very quietly, almost silently, building the lifestyle business of his dreams by writing from his hammock.

Written by: Dawn Bumbury