Haopei Yang: Skilled Guyanese

Haopei Yang

Haopei Yang wants to change the way Guyanese go to work.

The 29 year old Software Engineer is the creator of SkilledGuyanese.com, a website that connects thousands of Guyanese with local and international companies. Without any human input, the online platform has processed over 8000 job applications. When he is not building his own applications or managing client projects, Yang can be found brain deep in books about Psychology, Economics and Technology. Of particular fascination is the work culture of tech companies. Yang believes that the Guyanese work culture is ready for an upgrade.

The inspiration for skilled Guyanese came when Yang was still in secondary school after reading in an IDB publication that Guyana was number 1 in the world for Brain drain. Jobsparkk and its descendant SkilledGuyanese.com were attempts to place Guyanese into roles and environments which would be comfortable enough to not need to leave. However, more than ten years later, this solution is still in development. Yang recognizes that his website only provides for the type of people who need jobs. It does not address the type of people who need job satisfaction and a reasonable income without having a job. It does not address the needs of budding Entrepreneurs. Yang sees Entrepreneurship as a tool for improving the work culture of the country by creating environments where great workers can thrive as well as providing a good income for The Entrepreneur and employees.

Yang currently only receives an advertising revenue from SkilledGuyanese.com but he is more than satisfied with the social impact that the site is having with persons being able to conveniently and discreetly post full descriptions of jobs and apply to them at no cost to the users.

Written by: Dawn Bumbury