General Services

As a research assistant company we offer a variety of services. These services fall under various Thematic Schemes, and can be applicable to various research sectors. Our company will eliminate unnecessary time consumption, making it easier for you and your team to place your energies on other aspects of your project that require your attention. The great thing is that you play an active role! We will work alongside you to get the results you require and the information you are looking for.


Data Collection

With one of the best teams around, we can collect the information you need via any method that is best suited to your needs! 

We utilize innovative approaches such as Mobile Surveys, Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI), Online Surveys and Panel Discussions.

Other data collection methods includes:

  • ·         Questionnaires
  • ·         Polling
  • ·         Observational Research
  • ·         In-depth Interviews
  • ·         Focus Group Discussions
  • ·         Product Testing
  • ·         Mystery Shopping
  • ·         Product Audits
  • ·         Multimedia Research (Picture, Audio, and Video)
  • ·         Rapporteur Services
  • ·         Secondary Research 


Data Analysis

At PDC, we have the best trained minds to analyze and give in depth findings. We know that this is an important step in most any Research Project, and we strive to do our best to organize, review, verify and interpret your data to give you the information you not only want, but need! 

Our team is equipped with the required tools and applications to process and analyze your data and bring you effective results. Our Data Analysis Procedures include the following:

  • ·         Instrumentation
  • ·         Inference Reports
  • ·         Statistical Analysis
  • ·         Data Interpretation
  • ·         Social Network Analysis
  • ·         Predictive Forecasting
  • ·         Reporting and Presentations


Data Management

In order to get the best results with your data there must be proper management systems in place. We emphasize heavily on high levels of validity and accuracy of your data. Let us capture, store and secure your data today! 

With the programs and applications we use, Data Management will no longer be a worry to you our your team. Our Data Management Hub work in the following areas:

  • ·         Data Entry
  • ·         Data Compilation
  • ·         Big Data Cleansing
  • ·         Data Coding
  • ·         Quality Assurance
  • ·         Inventory and Stock Management


Research Project Coordination

With our expert team of coordinators and networking professionals lets save you the hassle and help build a strategic guide to succesful project outcomes!

We will ensure that your projects are executed successfully and completed within time frames to meet your research objectives at all times. We can assist you in: 

  • ·         Identifying Key Accommodations
  • ·         Recruitment of Project Experts and Auxiliary Staff
  • ·         Participant Recruitment for Qualitative Studies
  • ·         Base Line Networking


Administrative Assistance

As a research administrative assistant team, we provide various kinds of support to our clients and customers with their research projects. Our job is taken seriously and everything done is scrutinized to ensure your project is implemented with excellence!

We will make sure your project a success by making ensuring things are on the right track. Which includes:

  • ·         Proof Reading and Editing of research related content
  • ·         Participant guideline and ethical procedure consultation and documentation
  • ·         Consistent  liaison with participants and Research affiliates 


Big Data IT Solutions

At PDC we have our tech team readily standing by that are able to assist you with dealing with data sets that are so complex that traditional data software may be deemed inadequate. We can help you to create applications that are best suited for you!

Accuracy in big data management leads to greater operational efficiency and project outcomes. We can help you with:

  • ·         IT Consultation
  • ·         Program creation for Data Management
  • ·         Program creation for Data Analytics


Research Based and General Transcriptions

Transcriptions are generally tedious and time consuming; however with PDC we can help you save the long hours of additional work. We can transcribe accurately and as detailed as possible to provide you with the information that you need!

With our various applications voice recogn ition is made easier for our transcribers to handle your mutli-speakers audio sets. We offer:

  • ·         Transcriptions of IDI’s Podcast or any audio with (1-3 Speakers)
  • ·         Transcription of Focus Groups
  • ·         Summarized Transcriptions and Note Take
  • ·         Recording of Participant Actions
  • ·         Research within transcription. Defining and identifying key terms and areas


General Research Consultation for the Novice

At PDC we are strong believers of the methodologies we employ in our research projects, and we love assisting young researchers with their projects!

Let our team of experienced professionals and experts guide you with:

  • ·         Consultation of  Research Procedures and Data Management
  • ·         Consultation on Knowledge Transfer of Research
  • ·         Consultation of Research Publishing Outlets


Whatever the project, at PDC - WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!