Faith Forde: Off The Racks

Dr. Faith Forde is The DrEntrepreneur.

Dr Faith Forde discovered the joys of 2-day shipping in the United States and quickly realized that this is an experience that Guyanese needed to have, online shopping with nearly instant gratification. When we sat down to chat with Faith she was sporting one of the top-selling items at Off The Rack, a $1500 graphic tee that was just as charmingly eclectic as its model-  it stated "Me Sarcastic Never".  Off the Racks is all about the online shopping experience so their online presence started with the Website instead of a facebook page. The website features every item that is available in the store and is equipped with a shopping cart for users to place their orders. Within two days the items are available for pickup in store where the customer can pay in cash and even try on the item before buying. Forde is considering offering home delivery as a next level option but for now only pick-ups at the spacious but cozy store which it shares with sporting goods retailer Leading Edge. Between the two there truly something for everyone.

Written by: Dawn Bumbury