Carlwyn Collins: Content Farm

Carlwyn Collins is turning is his passions into profits.

Medical Rehabilitation Student, Athlete, Musician, Writer and Entrepreneur. Is there anything that Carlwyn Collins is not good at? Carlwyn has been passionate about writing since he got 99% on a Composition exam in primary school and now has a daily habit of writing for the sole purpose of honing his craft. At only 24, his work ethic is impressive as he meticulously plans his time to include his studies, class schedule, training, playing the keyboard with his band ‘Through Music’ as well as client work. Currently his projects include a five book deal that he signed with a UK client ghost writing fiction for teen girls. Although Carlwyn now approaches and creatively pitches to his prospective clients directly, he started out on the popular content mills like, and but grew tired of being judged by where he is from rather than the quality of his work. No Entrepreneur goes unscathed from deals gone wrong. It is a rite of passage. Carlwyn had already signed on the dotted line of what was supposed to be a very lucrative contract with a company that subsequently sent him a long letter explaining that they had to cancel his contract because of Guyana’s blacklisted status at that time. Despite the challenges of it all, Carlwyn remains positive and inspired and encourages young Entrepreneurs like himself to do something that they can do often and love, not necessarily something that they are good at because they can always perfect it in time. 

Carlwyn has the initiative Content Farm 

Written by: Dawn Bumbury

Photo by: Zion Photography