About Us

How We Got Started

Project Development Consultancy (PDC) actually started out as a solution to the problem of high unemployment rates faced by many Guyanese University students. In Guyana the youth unemployment rate is estimated at over 40%, and the rate of brain drain of qualified personnel is estimated at 89.9%. Anije (Our founder), whilst consulting to various international research organizations, realized that companies needed competent man power to get tasks done in real time and in a cost effective way. This is where Anije and her group noticed the advantage bringing on young dedicated and zealous students and carefully placing them to work under the supervision and guidance of our experts. It was euphoria for our clients- Innovation meeting Expertise! Tasks for clients were completed in real time with a fresh and new approach. Clients began to notice the benefits of the methodologies employed by our team and later began to encourage others to come on board. Anije realized that through this mechanism, more students were able to obtain project based jobs, jobs which financially empowered students. Not only were students able to have disposable income, but income which assisted with tuition and other academic costs. PDC has since been able to manage projects and has placed over 150 top tier students on successful projects across the Caribbean.

Our Vision

We believe our solution is the nexus for bridging the gap between expertise and innovation in local and regional project practices. Our aim is to provide Undergrad and Graduate students all across the Caribbean with the opportunity to bring their unique innovative approaches and combine them with the traditional methods brought by experts as they engage on and complete various projects. It’s the best of both worlds and better end results for our clients! PDC- Research is one of the main branches of the company that helps to foster this vision. This branch serves as a research assistance firm which seeks to provide our services to larger research organizations, academic institutions, and medium-small business or non governmental institutions. The organization already has created some major inroads on the importance of research in Guyana and the Caribbean. We will continue to do greater things in years to come.

Our Belief/ Principles

One of the most important things we tell our staff and our clients (and as cliché as it may sound) is that the company has a foundation based on LOVE! PDC- Research is a group of individuals who are absolutely in love with what they do. We love what we stand for, and we love knowing that we make it happen for our clients. Our very motto came from the fact that our team churns out quality work in record time and work with our clients through whatever the situation or timeframe maybe. The company’s core principle is based on giving, and giving more than what is expected of us. We are a company known for going above and beyond our call of duty. Because at the end of the day- With:

P - Passion

D - Dedication

C - Care


Our Team

Our team is comprised of a group of individuals who love their jobs, and showcase this with the passion, dedication and care. This is seen in their project output and deliverables for our clients. In PDC-Research we have four core members and a list of expert consultants on board that are responsible for making your project a success. However combined we have a total of over 45 Undergrad and Graduate students across the Caribbean working in various research assistant roles and forming our various project teams. The Core Members are:

Anije Lambert, Founder and Director Anije Lambert is a social researcher at heart, with her main focus being on the areas of Human Resource Management and Research Methodologies. She is the holder of a Bachelors Degree in Sociology (Hons). Anije has a plethora of experience in the areas of Data Collection, Data Analysis and Data Management and has worked in managerial positions and consulted with a range of International Research Companies. As a consultant, Anije was given the opportunity to work alongside and coordinate research projects for clients such as IPSOS, Coca-Cola and other large-scaled companies. Anije plays a pivotal role in marketing our company’s belief and philosophy, which is that “research is mandatory in building and sustaining organizations”. In her spare time, Anije enjoys working on new research based on youth development, blogging on leadership & entrepreneurship, volunteering and food tasting.

Demelza Oudith, Research Coordinator Lead Demelza is equipped with critical thinking skills and a friendly yet go getting personality. Demelza holds a Hons Degree in the Bachelors of Sociology and is Certified in Project Management. She plans on pursuing her studies in the area of Medical Sociology. Demelza has over six years of experience in the Health Sector and is currently working alongside core health officials at the the Ministry of Health assisting with the coordination of health specialist needs within the health sector. In addition, she has a great amount of experience in social research methodology, networking and the administrative field. Demelza brings to the team objective and analytical perspective, and she plays an important role connecting the right people at the right time when needed for various projects. Demelza is meticulous, inquisitive and a firm keeper of her word. Her interests lie in gathering information on issues concerning public health threats and hazards.


Duane Edwards, Research and Statistics Lead Duane is a former University and College Lecturer in Research Practices and Methodology. Duane currently is a full grant scholarship holder who is pursuing his PhD candidacy in Philosophy (Development Studies) at the University of the West Indies. Duane is a researcher and publisher of various articles on socio-political effects across the Caribbean. He also has years of experience in market and feasibility research procedures. Due to his activism in student welfare and his writing on Guyana and the Caribbean, Duane has been given the opportunity to be a Key-Note Speaker for many international agencies on research practices and socio-cultural realities of the Caribbean. An academic at heart, in his spare time, you can find Duane making analytical inferences with various social theories, assisting University Students with various courses in Computer Studies (IT) and Statistics, but most of all, he loves spending time with his family.

Collin Constantine, Data Analytics Lead  is responsible for the management of our data analytics team and ensures quality and validity of research data.With a drive for implementing successful and sustainable strategies for project, Collin is known for his work ethic and proficiency in his deliverables. He is currently a PhD Student at Kingston University (London) and a member of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG). Collin's dissertation investigates the Eurozone's current account imbalances, but his research extends to institutions, inequality, development economics and new political economy. He also holds a Msc in Development Economics from SOAS, University of London, and is the receipient of a PhD studentship from the University of Kingston in 2015.